Not only the ancient Tao masters knew that music and song have great healing potential. In all cultures, shamans and medicine men accompanied the treatment of the sick with rhythm, songs, and dances. "The ear is the entrance to the soul" is the popular saying.

The Chinese physician Sun Si Miao was known among the common people as the king of medicine because of his competence and medical practice. He found out as early as 600 AD that the vibrations of certain tones positively influence the course of diseases.

The Ayurvedic physician Shri Balaji També writes: "One must set the cells of the body in vibration. Because through the vibration of the cells, the consciousness of a sick person can be changed sustainably that promotes health. The soul of the singer resonates in the human voice, and the sound of the voice contains its individuality.

The 'Six Healing Sounds' are easy to learn and allow a direct influence on our condition. Movement sequences belonging to the respective organ positions, controlled breathing and inwardly vibrating sounds allow a healing power specifically acting on individual organs to emerge. The exact connections here are still not researched.

It was Grandmaster Mantak Chia who significantly popularized the Six Healing Sounds in the West. The 5 yin organs heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen are in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a life-sustaining whole, to which the Six Healing Sounds refer.

Other forms of vibrational medicine include percussion. In medicine, this means tapping (percussion) the surface of the body of living beings for diagnostic purposes. In the process, the tissue lying beneath the surface of the body is set into vibration. The resulting sound qualities provide information about the condition of the underlying tissues.

Auditory, aural or acoustic perception or hearing is the term used to describe the sensory perception of sound by living beings, more specifically, for example, the auditory events that occur during certain sound events. For the perception of sound, sensory organs are used, which are stimulated by vibrations from the environment of the living being. The vibrations can be transmitted through the surrounding medium (air, water) or through the underground (vibrations). The sense of hearing is not always bound to ears; vibrations in particular can also be perceived or felt by sensory organs on corresponding parts of the body. For example, we can perceive low-frequency vibrations outside our hearing range via the skin cells.


Because the Taoist masters had access to the knowledge of the universe through inner practices, they discovered that each healthy organ is associated with a particular sound, color, and energy quality. Emotional problems, environmental pollution, poor diet, injuries, and overly strenuous exercise can overheat the internal organs and weaken them. This changes the state of the sound frequency, color and energetic quality of the respective organs.

The 'Six Healing Sounds' are an ancient Taoist Qigong exercise. They are still of great importance for our health maintenance and belong to the basic techniques of the Universal Healing Tao®. For each organ, the Tao masters found a vibration - a sound that supports the healthy natural vibration of that organ. During the exercise, each of these sounds is accompanied by a specific sequence of movements so that the meridians associated with the organ are also activated. Chi, the breath of the dragon, should be able to flow freely.



According to the Taoist view, consciousness as a whole has its seat not only in the brain, but also in parts in the organs. There the life-giving Chi is collected, refined and stored. From this tradition, emotions do not originate in the brain, but have their seat in the organs. Due to physical and mental stress caused by, for example, poor nutrition, polluted air, lack of exercise, overexertion, fear, loneliness, grief, blockages of chi flow can grow in the body, resulting in overheating or hypothermia of the organs. This in turn leads to the increase of disharmonious, emotional energies and thus to further interference fields. Continuous overheating leads to shrinking and hardening in the organs, so that they can fall ill and no longer fulfill their functions adequately.

The 'Six Healing Sounds' help release excess heat trapped in the fascia surrounding each organ. As you assume the postures and create the sounds subvocally, these vibrations distribute excess heat to cooler regions of the body, where it can be safely stored or utilized. Once the organ energies are balanced, you will have a good foundation for building and nurturing the virtue energies. This will help maintain chi balance throughout the system.



The 'Six Healing Sounds' contribute to the cooling and detoxification of the organs and help us to drain disharmonious emotions that begin to hinder our energy flow. The excess heat is released or evenly distributed throughout the body through the mouth and digestive system. The organs are detoxified and vitalized, and the entire body is harmonized. The daily practice of the 'Six Healing Sounds' helps to reduce the symptoms of indigestion, insomnia, bad breath, lack of strength or stress.

With the help of the 'Six Healing Sounds', disharmonious emotions are transformed into harmonious chi: sadness into courage, fear into gentleness, aggressiveness into generosity, hatred into love, brooding into openness. Since the organs are also connected to the muscles, releasing tension in the organs will also improve mobility.

Every one of us knows reports about especially gifted persons who have healing powers. Such great healers have a great influx of people in need of help. However, even under the most favorable circumstances - how much time can a great healer spend on you? One hour a day or a week? Then what happens during the rest of the time? That is why it is so important for each of us to learn how to free ourselves from disharmonious chi blockages and transform them into harmonious Chi.

The 'Six Healing Sounds' are a simple yet powerful tool to promote physical, energetic and emotional healing and harmony. Begin with one to two sounds in each session. Periods of rest are very important in this practice. It is of great importance to allow the good qualities to grow in the organs so that there is less room for disharmonic energy to spread. The sounds are also used to create frequencies for specific effects. Each sound can produce different forms of energy for healing the different organs.

Once you have integrated the movements, sounds, and information into your daily practice, you can simplify them to make the 'Six Healing Sounds' even more effective. For example, when you arise in the Lung Sound, inhale the white healing light, and the point between the eyebrows is wide open, focus attention on the Tan Tien and the universe. Then chi from the universe will flow into the Tan Tien, and just the right amount of chi of the right quality will flow from the Tan Tien into the lungs and large intestine. Just determine the place (organ), connect with the universe, and chi will flow to the right place.

What are the causes of organ dysfunction? There are many causes. Urban society creates a life full of physical, mental and emotional stresses such as crowding, pollution, radiation, junk food, chemical additives, anxiety, loneliness, poor posture and sudden or excessive physical activity. Individually or in combination, these stresses cause tension and begin to block the free flow of energy in the body, causing the organs to overheat. In addition, the concrete jungle in which we live lacks nature's safety valves: trees, open spaces, and running water, which give off a cooling, cleansing energy. Persistent overheating causes an organ to contract and harden. This impairs its ability to function and leads to disease. One of the surgeons working with the Universal Tao Center in New York reports that the hearts of patients who have died of heart attacks look as if they have been boiled! And the ancient Taoists have a saying, "Stress cooks the brain."


Chinese medicine teaches that every organ is surrounded by a sac or layer of tissue called fascia that regulates its temperature. Ideally, fascia releases excess heat outward through the skin, where it is exchanged for cool vital energy from nature. An overload of physical or emotional tension causes the fascia to stick to the organ, so that the organ in question can neither release heat to the skin nor absorb cool energy from the skin.

The skin becomes clogged with toxins and the organ overheats. Healing sounds accelerate the exchange of heat through the digestive system and the mouth. Our digestive system is more than 6 meters long and runs from the mouth to the anus as a pipe in the middle of the body between all the organs. It helps release excess heat from the fascia and cools and cleanses the organs and skin. When all the Healing Sounds and postures are performed in the correct order, the body heat is evenly distributed throughout the body through the intestinal tract, and each of the organs is at the correct temperature.

Daily practice of the 'Six Healing Sounds' will restore and maintain tranquility and health. Greater sexual pleasure and improved digestion will occur. Minor ailments such as colds, flu and sore throats can be prevented or easily thrown off. Many students of UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO have overcome their long-standing addictions to sleeping pills, tranquilizers, aspirin, and antacids. Victims of heart attacks have prevented further attacks. Psychologists increasingly recommend that their patients use the 'Six Healing Sounds' to overcome depression, anxiety, or anger. Healers who specialize in bodywork use the Six Healing Sounds to speed healing and avoid having to use their own life energy.

Each of the main yin organs in the practice has an associated subsidiary yang organ that responds along with it and in the same way. When one organ is weakened or overheated, its partner organ is similarly affected. Likewise, practicing the appropriate healing sound and posture positively impacts the organ and its counterpart.

Excerpts from publications by Mantak Chia
Wolfgang Heuhsen

An exercise video instruction from Mantak Chia himself, you can find under:  Six Healing Sounds




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